Social media marketing used to be optional.

Now it's a critical part

of a successful online marketing strategy!

Many companies experience a lack of results from social media for two key reasons:

1) They don't know how to effectively use social media to drive website traffic and nurture leads.
2) There simply isn't enough time to manage their social media sites.

Social media supports the sales process, but only if your company has a comprehensive content strategy and the resources to maintain your sites. Social media isn't a "set it and forget it" thing; it will only work with ongoing effort and engagement. That's where we at SOCIAL DeeSIGN come in!

Our Process

First, we consult with your company to learn about the obstacles you face with social media management as it relates to your sales process. Then, we recommend the package that best fits your needs and budget. After we set the right monthly program, we devise a strategic plan to leverage your social media pages as valuable tools for sales. Finally, we put the plan into action to drive success.

Our Goals

- Increase traffic to your website through social media, events & promotions
- Provide interesting content and a consistent posting schedule
- Monitor your accounts and maintain a positive social image for your company
- Drive engagement on accounts to increase interest with prospects while generating leads